Local Attractions


Local Attractions and things to see

The St Albans Common
Old St Albans Cemetary
Old Northern Road Convict Trail
Settlers Arms Inn
Shephards Gully
National Parks Walking Track
• Local courts for hire (from the Settlers Arms)


St Albans Bridge

Think before you TREK promotes the benefits of planning ahead for your bushwalking trip by using an easy to remeber acronym:
T - Take adequate supplies of food, water, navigation and first aid equipment.
R - Register your planned route and tell friends and family where you you expect to return.
E - Emergancy beacon (PBL's) are available free of charge from NSW Police Force and NPWS.
K - Keep to your planned route and follow the map and walking trails.

For further information:
The Police TREK website: The NPWS website. "staying safe in National Parks":